This painting belongs to the series Metropolitans (2013 > 2016).

It is about the human scale, man versus his environment. In this case where does nature go when mankind is claiming more and more urban and rural space? Animals do adept to whatever the circumstances are. But it takes time, generations to become properly equipped to the new situation. Some animals adept so well to man shaped society that they are regular urban inhabitants. The pigeons, herons, and mice for instant they actually flourish in between the concrete jungle. In this painting you see 3 floating deer like animals. They seem lost in pace, weightless and hanging upside down. They look trapped, but if you look a little closer you see breaches in the wall. It is called Concrete Jungle 2.0 because an earlier painting of mine was called Concrete Jungle (1999) as well.


Medium: Acrylic on canvas

39.3 H x 59.1 W x 0.8 in

Concrete jungle 2.0

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