Lethargia is according to me reflecting parts of our current western society. Apart from the fact that I am truly content with the freedom, comfort and wealth I live in, I sometimes experience us all living in a facade. This facade can have different appearances. Sometimes the facade is a wall between the rest and us in our great bubble. Sometimes it is a faade to mask reality as it is. Our modern way of living, consumed by attention, depending on devices feels kind of empty at times. As zombies focussed on tiny screens, showing off to the world with millions of pictures of yourself, having fun, being pretty, being tough, being popular, counting in likes. I am ok with the fact that modern tech society is progressing rapidly but I sense that we are overwhelmed by it. We are not in control. We are no longer attached to here and now but we are floating in lethargia.


Medium: Acrylic on canvas

39.4 H x 66.9 W x 0.8


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